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Consolidation / Deconsolidation

Paklink Shipping Line helps you improve the efficiency of your supply chain - from start to finish. Utilizing our network of strategically placed and highly efficient partners, we work with you to evaluate your unique shipping needs and to create strategic, cost-effective solutions that work for you.

Whether its one-to-many distribution or many-to-one consolidation, you can count on us to provide the transit times and coverage you need to stay competitive in today's market.

With our extensive regional network and cross-dock capabilities, we can: Pick up shipments from multiple vendors Consolidate them into one larger shipment Move that larger shipment across the network to another service center or accept delivery of a full-load shipment from your truckload carrier or private fleet De-consolidate the shipment for distribution to multiple store locations.

  • On-time reliability.
  • Fast transit times for quicker delivery.
  • Accurate and timely information.
  • Single-source control.
  • Flexible transportation solutions.
  • Professional handling.
  • Reduce overall costs.
  • Time is money, and we understand how important it is that you save both.
  • Decrease transportation and warehouse costs.
  • Faster inventory turns for improved cash flow.
  • Fewer delivery exceptions and claims because of reduced handling.
  • Compressed order cycle time.
  • Simplified paperwork.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction.